Valorization of Fish By-products

logo_marinebluerefineMARINEBLUEREFINE, a cooperation between MadeBiotech and Madeira University, is a scientific research project that aims to value waste from the fish industry, an economic sector linked to marine resources and framed in the blue economy field. When compared to the bovine processing industry, only 30 to 50% of the fish is used. The remainder is somewhat of an environmental problem that implies an extra cost for the regional companies to dispose of.


The aim of this project is to research advanced and innovative solutions and/or processes, technically and commercially viable, to obtain value-added products, always maintaining the environmental sustainability as an unquestionable principle. This industrial research is in the biotechnological and bioprocessing engineering fields, using supercritical fluid technologies and enzymatic hydrolysis, among other innovative processes, for the production of bioactive compounds to incorporate into cosmetic, food and nutraceutical formulations.


This project, highly evaluated by international experts, is an example of cooperation between regional entities taking advantage of the partners' prestige, knowledge, skills and capacities in a synergistic way. In the process each partners’ capabilities will definitely improve, but always taking into consideration the individual objectives and respective missions.


MARINEBLUEREFINE is a research project that has a support of 1.5 million euros, awarded by the Business Development Institute (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Empresarial) through the ProCiencia 2020 Incentive System (Sistema de Incentivos ProCiência 2020).




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